Slither io

In 2016, the wonderful io game known as Slither io was released to the public. You have the ability to increase the size of the snake you are controlling by consuming bright orbs. In the event that you are the longest worm in the arena, your primary objective should be to eliminate the other players. Whenever the head of your snake comes into contact with the body of another snake in any way, you will explode, and the game will continue.

As soon as a worm passes away, its body will transform into the glowing orbs (pellets) that it had up until the moment it passed away. Players have the ability to devour the pellets that are released by dead worms in order to enhance their size. Compared to the typical pellet, these pellets have a greater volume.

It is sufficient to either left-click or double-tap the screen in order to speed up the game; in order to stop utilizing boost, simply let go of the button. On the other hand, when you utilize the boost, your snake will experience a significant reduction in size because it will lose bulk. The amount of mass that you lose as a result of using the boost in those areas will be represented as a row of pellets. The consumption of the pellets also allows players to restore the mass that they have lost.