In, you assume the role of a simple agar cell and compete against other cells in a multiplayer game arena to become the largest cell. To grow larger, you should steer clear of the larger cells and instead consume the smaller ones.

How to play

Both of these rules are easy to understand and follow:

  • Consuming prey that is smaller than you is the only way to advance in your evolution.
  • Agar of a larger size will consume you.

You are attempting to exist as a single cell that is aiming to evolve while you are sliding about the Agar io arena. Consider yourself a survivor and don't only stay away from larger agar; instead, go for the kill and consume as much as you possibly can!

In order to increase your size, you must first consume all of the smaller blobs and then the other players. Be wary of blobs that are larger than you, as they will consume you, which will result in the game being over. However, you always have the option to begin the game again and strive to achieve the next best record.