Played:438 is a multiplayer tank game in which you and your teammates face off against the opposite team. Eliminating other players and bosses, along with maintaining your own survival, earns you points and levels in the game.

Secure control of the map territory prior to the victory of your adversary's squad in combat. Once you successfully complete the assigned task, you will receive experience points that you can use to purchase impressive upgrades for your tank. Allocate 42 upgrade points among 10 different skills, and choose one out of 110 exclusive tanks to dominate the arena and attain leadership.
Furthermore, you have the option to customize these key bindings in the options menu. In addition, you have access to supplementary themes and choices, such as auto-leveling and low graphics. Additionally, there are hyperlinks to supplementary materials, such as personalized theme creators, gaming proxies, and private server templates, which enable you to construct your own exclusive tank.

Instructions for playing

Use the WASD keys to control movement.
Press the button to fire a projectile.