Kiomet is a web-based game that involves strategic decision-making in real-time, with the objective of expanding your empire by seizing other locations. Safeguard your realm against external perils while vying for supremacy. Deploy military units to acquire territory, enhance controlled regions, and establish dominance on the scoreboard.

Instructions for Gameplay

Create a strategic plan to achieve dominance and seize regions in the game of Kiomet. Move the units to the towers in order to capture them. Enhance the capabilities of your towers by clicking on them and choosing an upgrade that is currently accessible. There are a total of 27 towers and 10 different sorts of units, each of which is denoted by a distinct symbol.

To achieve victory, it is crucial to seize the majority of towers and maintain control over them for an extended period of time. Safeguard your monarch, as its loss will result in defeat.

You must engage in strategic thinking. Establish logistical networks and forge strategic partnerships with fellow players to optimize your likelihood of achieving victory.


Extend your domain in order to enhance your influence and strength.
Engage in offensive actions against your adversaries in order to acquire additional territory and valuable assets.
Enhance the functionality of your structures by upgrading them.
Strategically, consider the structures you capture.