Wormate is a io game that draws inspiration from popular multiplayer games such as Located within a spacious arena, your objective is to navigate as a snake, devouring nourishment and enhancements in order to increase the size of your worm. As you increase in size, you have the ability to ensnare other worms and acquire their sustenance. Test your ability to grow in size in the game Wormate.

Instructions for playing

Wormate is an uncomplicated internet game that may be easily grasped by anyone. Consuming food, undergoing growth, and ensuring one's survival are interconnected processes. Exercise caution about other players, particularly as you increase in size, as they will have a desire to consume all the food you release. One benefit of being large is the ability to ensnare smaller worms by encircling them.


The power-ups available in Wormate include:

  • Magnet: attracts food from a larger distance.
  • Lock provides a substantial quantity of sustenance.
  • Crisscross: Enhances maneuverability by enabling sharper turns.
  • Speed increase: this enhances the velocity of your worm.
  • Magnifying glass enhances camera visibility by increasing the zoom level.
  • Question mark: Provides a randomly selected power-up.