Played:58 is an action-packed 3D slouch game in which you and your companions confront obnoxious bosses. Compete in defense and assault to eliminate the most bosses.

You will experience the game in a tense third-person perspective! Defend the equipment with your troops against hostile incursions. You are notified in the event that one of your devices is targeted by an adversary. You may acquire new characters and weapons with the energy you gain during combat. Have pleasure!


Act in a tense third-person perspective.
A considerable number of players enroll.
A character's appearance can be altered.
Purchaseable weapons and items have been added.
The primary adversaries are the Bosses.


Employ WASD to navigate.
To secure or unlock the mouse, press L.
To leap, press the space bar.
Right-clicking will toggle the weapon.
Implement a left-click attack.
To access the store menu, press E.