Voxiom IO

Voxiom IO is a 3D first-person shooter game that takes place in a setting reminiscent of Minecraft. Players use a combination of mouse and keyboard controls to play it.

How To Play

Various game types exist, but overall, your primary objective should be to ensure your survival. The bottom left side of the screen displays your health, while the bottom right side displays your equipment. Your elimination will occur once your health drops to zero.

In the main lobby, you can explore the store and purchase advanced equipment for your avatar to incorporate into their loadout. As a result, you have the option to select your game and enter the waiting room before entering the battlefield. Initially, you will receive a shovel and possibly some blocks for your use. Commence your exploration of the area, and endeavor to procure resources and supplies as you search for fellow participants. You will have a restricted number of slots available for both your on-hand and backpack items, as well as separate slots specifically designated for your ammunition. A dense cloud of poisonous fog will surround the area and periodically constrict, forcing you to navigate through narrower areas.

As you progress and achieve success, you will advance to higher levels, resulting in increased rewards and the ability to unlock extra features.


The cursor controls the direction of the aim or look. The left mouse button activates or fires a selected action. Right Mouse Button: Provides more accurate or precise aiming. W initiates forward movement. S: initiates backward movement.
Controls: A: Move to the left; D: Move to the right. Spacebar, Jump Shift and Sprint
E: Interact Scroll Wheel/Numeric Keypad; R: Rotate Among Equipment; X: Access Inventory