Played:73 is a web-based multiplayer game that falls under the genre of first-person shooter. This game is a high-speed shooter that has a dedicated and competitive player base.
There are four predefined game modes and maps, as well as an infinite number of custom maps and game modes. Experience gameplay with a diverse selection of 7 distinct weapons and 4 unique heroes. At the store, you have the opportunity to purchase cosmetic enhancements for your heroes and firearms, such as skins and camouflages. Spread the URL on the lobby screen to your friends and enjoy this amazing game together!

How to Play

Irrespective of the game genre, the controls stay consistent while the inputs you provide may vary. The following control layouts are the default ones:

W: Proceed in a forward direction. 
S: Move in reverse. 
A: Shift to the left. 
D: Shift to the right. 
R: Replenish ammunition. 
Spacebar: Propel oneself upwards. 
F: Execute a throwing attack. This move entails initiating an attack by throwing an object or using a throwing technique.
The cursor controls the aim and allows the user to look around. 
Left Mouse Button: Activate Weapon 
Right Mouse Button: Enable Precision Targeting.