The name "Taming-io" is derived from the word "survival." In this IoT game, you fight with magical pets. You can get tools and upgrades as you age. Your goal is to become the smartest survivor by building a base, making things, and fighting other players and their creatures.

Setting up

At first, only you and your companion are present. You should harvest wood from trees as soon as possible to age it and gather resources for building structures. Weapons are also indispensable. As one grows older, they receive a range of rewards that strengthen their ability to survive. These rewards may consist of anything from health-restoring foods to weapons and tools.

Avoid wasting any time in the beginning. Start building your fortress and reinforce it with turrets and fortifications. A windmill is one of the most crucial structures to acquire for your base. This structure automatically produces gold for you.

The pet conflicts are Taming's distinctive feature. You begin by selecting from a variety of companions, but you can also tame up to three wild animals. Simply encounter any untamed creature and observe the results.