Played:83 is available for free on the internet. Try to stay on top of the pack in STOLK's hectic gameplay. As a ping pong ball, you'll be able to use the paddle to strike other balls in an arena that you might be familiar with from your time as a ball: a table tennis court. To stay one step ahead of your opponents, use your wits and quick reflexes to avoid their strikes and knock them off the table.

Gameplay on

Pushing other players over the brink lets you grow.

Your speed will naturally drop as you gain weight, which you'll see in your stats. It becomes more difficult for other players to send you tumbling as your weight increases, but you still can't escape harm entirely.


Continue onward (W): Shift: Hold for a short boost (LMB): Move right (D), move backwards (S), and move left (A). To swing the paddle, click once.