You must swallow and gather your troops to fight with the boss in the fascinating and addictive game! This game provides two separate styles of an exciting gameplay experience.

How to play

In Single Player Mode, you oversee a hole to swallow different stickman characters strewn across the city to fight with the boss. Try to swallow as many stickmen on each level within the allocated time limit.
Two-Player Mode: Engage in a competitive confrontation while playing and fighting alongside a friend. You and your companion have to swallow as many stickmen as you can within the given time constraint. The player who consumes the most stickmen wins. Your collected troop will fight with your friend's unit when time is running short. The last stickman-standing player wins the game.


Among the several mechanics are fighting against opponents and devouring stickman figures.
Single-player mode has varying difficulty levels and bonus stages.
Exciting and competitive two-player mode matches.
Different approaches in every mode are needed for dynamic gameplay.
striking images and graphic design.