Played:22 is an excellent shooter set in an expansive universe. While annihilating every foe in the game, explore the galaxy. Gain first-rate experience and ascend the leaderboard.

This space-themed top-down shooter is exceptionally unique and has much to offer. From the primary menu, choose a spacecraft that possesses the specified qualities. Modify the layout, select a username, and input a match. The ship will reach the pointer-indicated destination via flight. You must maneuver it in the correct direction to avoid collisions with stars and asteroids. To collect points, eliminate your opponents with your shots. By surviving and eliminating foes, one may attempt to amass the highest score on the server. To accelerate, leverage the gravitational influence of multiple planets. Avoid their vicinity to prevent yourself from igniting in their environment. Work your way up and compete for industry leadership to become the world's best pilot.


Press LMB to fire.
To activate the protective shield, press RMB.
For action, use the left mouse button.