The online shark-battling arena game has a sequel called In this online shark battle game, your goal is to impale as many enemies as possible. Much more, including new sharks, skills, and loot, is included in this second installment.

The Game's Rules

Pick out a shark.

The shark has gone through three distinct evolutionary phases. When you die, you change. Sharks of the blue, white, and megalodon varieties make up the first trifecta. You can level up any of these three progressions. Better powers are a part of the enhanced sharks. Unlocking them requires attaining certain milestones.

Strike it out in the arena.

Quick thinking and action are the name of the game in Stabfish 2. In the blink of an eye, your adversary could impale you. Use your boost to travel quickly and try to out-fish the larger fish. You can impale enemy sharks by swimming into walls while they're stuck to your tusk. When you do this, they will be removed from the body and their food will be spilled out for you to replenish.

Make your own weapons and armor by looting.

A system for looting and crafting is included in Stabfish2.IO. inventory bag. The blueprints contain things with varying degrees of rarity, and you can utilize the ingredients to create them.

Form a shark attack squad.

Gather a squad and play in the 'Armaggedon' tournament that happens every hour. You have the opportunity to become the event leaderboard champion every hour. No matter the game, you're always welcome to form or join an existing team.

Management Strategies

Click the mouse to aim your weapon.
Use your talents by clicking left and right.