Manage the movement of your colorful lines to expand your territory in exciting and vast game. By creating shapes with lines and connecting them to your existing region, you can expand your area. You wAdversaries, striving to achieve the same objective, will surround When you collide with the drawn line or a region that another player has claimed, you will either launch an attack or become the target of one.

I have previously covered the majority of the basic principles of Splix IO. Here's the strategy: you should incrementally expand your territory in small sections, as this approach is easier and more effective. It is important to note that there is a limit to the size of a form that you can develop. If you surpass this limit, it might have detrimental consequences. Therefore, I recommend making contributions to the area in smaller increments. If your objective is to acquire a substantial expanse of land or even seize control of half the globe if you possess an ambitious disposition, it will be necessary to conquer any locations where your adversaries are establishing their presence. Once you breach their defensive line, you will lose all their territories; therefore, take advantage of this opportunity.

How to Play

Utilize the WASD or arrow keys.