Played:238 is a great game that is based on the first-person shooter genre. Thank you for joining us in this environment where players from all around the world compete for survival. Decide to pick a cool weapon, and then begin the fight. Attempt to become the Most Valuable Player! Explore this first-person shooter and make it your goal to stay alive for as long as you possibly can. In order to climb the rankings, you will need to select your weapon, complete a variety of missions, and remember to keep an eye on your movement and stay alive.

Here's how to play:

The left mouse button is used to shoot. 
The right mouse button is used to aim.
The R button is used to reload.
The C key is used to crouch.
The P key is used to pause.
The 1–9 keys are used to change weapons.
The T key is used to open chat.
The enter key is used to send messages.
The space bar is used to jump, and the shift key is used to hold down the key.