Played:107 is a multiplayer online game where participants command vehicles, construct barriers using walls, demolish the surroundings, and engage in battles with other players. The objective is to ascend the leaderboard by eliminating adversaries and generating turmoil within the game universe.

Instructions for playing

Purpose: The main purpose of is to ascend the leaderboard by amassing points through diverse acts, such as demolishing the map, eliminating other players, and creating chaos.

Driving and Combat: The player has the ability to manipulate a vehicle within the virtual environment. You have the ability to navigate in a vehicle, strategically position barriers to form hindrances, and participate in confrontations with fellow participants to eliminate them.

Map Destruction: The game enables players to utilize their powers to demolish certain areas of the map. This devastation has the potential to induce disorder and modify the gaming atmosphere.


The controls in are generally straightforward and may differ based on the exact version of the game. However, some frequent controls you may come across are listed below:

To manipulate your car's movement, use either the WASD keys or the arrow keys.

Mouse: Direct your weapon or ability towards a specific target.

Left Mouse Button: Utilize your primary attack or ability, such as launching projectiles.

Right Mouse Button: Utilize your secondary capability (e.g., deploying walls).