Played:326 is a thrilling desert-themed PvP IO game. Navigate dangerous dunes and skillfully defeat international opponents in fast-paced matches.
To rule the changing sands, gather resources, enhance your weaponry, and use cunning. Sand Strike IO's addictive gameplay and competitive nature will have you on edge as you try to become the desert champion. In this furious online multiplayer game, can you outwit and outgun your opponents? Play Sandstrike II online for free.

How to play

Standard Control: Browser game controls differ for each game. However, most browser games involve keyboard and mouse input. Here are some common browser game controls:
Keyboard: Arrow keys or WASD keys are used to move characters and navigate menus. Jumping with the space bar and starting or pausing with Enter are commonly used gaming controls.
The mouse is used to aim and fire in FPS games, choose menu items, and interact with game objects.
The left mouse button is used to select or shoot; the right mouse button is used for additional functions like aiming down sights or interacting with things.
The Esc button is usually used to halt or access the game menu.
Tab: Used primarily for the scoreboard or inventory.
Number keys are usually used to switch weapons or choose objects.
Ctrl or Shift: For crouching or running.Remember that different games have different control methods, so check the instructions or tutorial before playing.