Played:63 is a complimentary io game. If you enjoy engaging in hand-to-hand combat in io games during your leisure time, then you will undoubtedly have a great affinity with In this game, you will engage in combat using only your bare hands.

After every battle, you can earn experience points and various in-game currencies to improve a variety of statistics. Additionally, you have the option to acquire new characters by exchanging gold for them. This feature enables players to create distinctive and personalized characters that have the capability to excel and outperform others in the competition. Since is an io game, real players from around the world control the opponents you face in the arena. You will be pitting your talents not against non-player characters (NPCs), but against actual gamers. Players can earn gold by defeating or vanquishing other players. There are no restrictions on the maximum level or statistics.

How To Play

Utilize the keyboard to navigate and engage with a diverse array of elements within the arena.
Use the mouse to direct the character's aim.