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In the multiplayer io game 2, the objective is to paint territory in order to capture as much of it as possible. Use your own color to decorate the map and conquer the universe. Be cautious of other participants attempting to occupy your space.

A Guide to Playing

To navigate and apply color to the floor, use the mouse. To claim an area, glide over the empty space and other players' paint, then establish a link back to your own color. Additionally, you can completely destroy other players' territory by crashing into their exposed tails.

This also means that when you move beyond your color, your tail is vulnerable to attack. Other participants can collide with it, leading to your destruction.

You and other 2 participants will engage in constant combat to reclaim your territory and capture theirs. Approach land claim optimization with strategic consideration, avoiding becoming overly acquisitive.

Advice and Methods

Avoid becoming overly demanding. The longer an opponent can see your exposed tail, the greater the probability that they will annihilate you.
Show courage by attacking other players who have their tails exposed. Then reclaim every inch of white space that they formerly occupied.
Paint with caution, and remain in your designated area until you are certain it is safe to occupy a larger area.
As you make your way around the map's periphery, reduce your exposure and occupy more and more space.