Played:294 is a remarkable multiplayer shoot-em-up game that provides captivating action around skilled ninja characters. The action and gameplay exhibit a rapid pace, necessitating swift reactions in order to succeed. Commence the game now!

Instructions for playing

As the player, you have command of a solitary stickman ninja character. To navigate your ninja through the level, you must utilize the WASD keys. You have the ability to execute a variety of jumps, tricks, and maneuvers in order to confuse and outwit your adversaries.

Additionally, you have remote-controlled firearms and explosive devices at your disposal. There are two distinct game modes available: deathmatch and capture the flag. In a deathmatch, your primary objective is to eliminate as many opponents as you can. In the game Capture the Flag, your goal is to successfully seize the opponent's flag and transport it to your own base. Are you able to demonstrate your extraordinary ninja abilities?


Use the AD keys or the left or right arrow keys to move.
To jump, press the W key or up arrow key.
To enter a prone position, press the X key.
To view the leaderboard, press the V key.
Press the "E" key to launch a grenade.
Press the "Q" key to switch to a different weapon.
Use the left mouse button to fire a shot.
To initiate flight, simply do a right-click action.