Foraging and survival games takes place in a vibrant, two-dimensional environment. You begin as a mouse and strive to ascend the food chain by consuming berries in order to acquire experience. Simply ensuring your own survival by climbing the food chain and evading predators will do the trick.

How To Play

As previously mentioned, you start off as a mouse at the base of the food chain; by consuming berries, you gain experience that you can use to evolve into a different creature. A light green border delineates friendly players and objects, while a red border delineates hazardous players, which novices should avoid at all costs! While consuming berries is ideal for advancing in the food chain, it is also crucial to restock your water meter by devouring the blue blobs that appear near water sources. Larger blue blobs deplete water more rapidly during sprinting or ingest water more slowly during movement.

Management of controls

The player controls their movement with the cursor, but larger-than-character obstacles can hinder your progress. For instance, upon initial reproduction, the mushrooms are impassable and cannot be passed through or consumed, so it is best to circumvent them. You can activate sprinting in-game by holding down the space bar, but it requires a significant amount of water to use.