Played:159 is a top-down, multiplayer deathmatch game. While commanding your own MiniGiant, challenge other players for rewards. You have the freedom to choose from a diverse range of courses. Characters gain strength as they gain levels; they also increase in size and power and amass additional treasure.

A Guide to Playing

Accumulate energy by gathering the vibrant pieces scattered across the map in order to rapidly develop your character in Defeat opponents in battle to level up quickly, and use strategic moves to steer clear of titan encounters. As time passes under your dominance, you grow in size and become increasingly unstoppable.

You'll discover that as you defeat foes, they occasionally drop containers containing items of varying rarities. Chests contain currency for item upgrades and loot for the player's character. Character items, including rings, helmets, and armor, are present and serve to enhance one's basic stats and overall strength. Keep an eye out for the rarest containers in the arena, which contain the most valuable jewelry.