Played:22 is an online game where many players engage in tower defense strategies within a medieval setting featuring kings, lords, and wizards.
Assemble a formidable military force in order to seize control of the entire map and annex new areas to broaden your kingdom's borders and gain access to the most exceptional heroes!

Instructions for playing 

Begin by constructing a castle. After acquiring a castle, you have the ability to enlist fundamental units from the Units Menu (U).
Build a stable to recruit cavalry soldiers, a mages' academy, and a monster den to house dragons.
To gain access to enhancements for your units, build the forge.
To fortify your fortress, construct Archer Towers or Mage Towers and improve their capabilities. Additionally, erect a substantial wall encompassing your base to further enhance its security.
By demolishing the structures of other players, you have the opportunity to gain a substantial amount of gold and victory points.