Played:216 is a multiplayer game that requires players to navigate around obstacles. Compete in a battle-royale-style elimination mode by racing to the conclusion of the obstacle course. Progress through the several stages until you are the sole remaining bean.

Lolbeans Game Instructions

The goal of the game is to guide your bean character to the finish line ahead of the other players or before the allotted time elapses.
Maneuver through the course while evading obstacles and gathering power-ups.
You have the option to engage in either single-player or multiplayer mode.
In multiplayer mode, you have the option to either participate in a game alongside your acquaintances or engage in matches against unfamiliar adversaries.
The game offers various modes, such as time trials and survival.
Engage in a time-limited competition by navigating challenging courses filled with obstacles. Any participants who fail to reach the end within the specified time limit will be eliminated. Those players who achieve success will advance to the subsequent round. Only one bean can emerge as the victor in the final round.

Strategies and Techniques for the Game

Maintain vigilant awareness of the difficulties that lie ahead of you and strategize your movements accordingly.
Acquire power-ups to gain an edge, such as enhancements to speed and invulnerability.
Attempt to utilize expedient routes wherever feasible, but exercise caution to avoid inadvertently veering beyond the boundaries of the designated track.During multiplayer mode, strategically hinder your opponents by forcefully displacing them from the course or obstructing their route. Game Controls

W: To progress or advance
S: Retreat
Press the A key to go to the left and the D key to move to the right.
Press the spacebar or right-click to jump.
Manipulate the mouse to change perspective and observe the view from various angles.