Played:50 is a very cool modern space battle game with missiles. You are a warrior in charge of a spaceship, and you must attack other players to win.

How to Play

To change the direction of the warship's flight, press the WASD keys.
To fire lasers, click on the left arrow, and to fire other weapons, click on the right arrow.
To switch guns, scroll the mouse. You can also do this with the number keys.
To slow down the warship's flight, press the Shift key.
When you press the space bar, the warship's speed increases, allowing it to fight more quickly.

Fighting with new tools

Your warship will receive numerous automatically trackable space weapons.
In addition to being able to heal yourself, you also get a second shield that keeps lasers and rockets away from you. When you need to protect your warship, use it.
Space bombs are the most powerful weapons you have access to. They have the ability to destroy any enemy spaceships within their blast radius.
The taser is a forward-attack weapon that can send strong lightning bolts at multiple ships at once.
Shiny Shield: If someone is after you, you can protect yourself with a red shield that shines.