Played:134 is a strategic, arena-centric shooter. Choose your weapon, armor, and color. Engage in combat with and overcome other players in order to accumulate points, which can be utilized to access advantages and unique capabilities.

Controls for

Choose your weapon, color, and armor from the selection screen, and then click the PLAY button.
Navigate by utilizing the WASD keys or the arrow keys. 
Fire by pressing the left mouse button.
To refresh the page, use the "R" key.
To activate advanced power-ups, press the Spacebar key.
As you accumulate points from inflicting damage on other players, you will unlock perks. To access and choose perks, simply click on the yellow upgrade symbol displayed on the HUD. There are a total of three tiers of perks. The initial tier unlocks at 100 points, the subsequent tier unlocks at 300 points, and the last tier unlocks at 600 points.