Played:71 is a collaborative sketching and guessing game that may be played with friends.

Engage in the activities of drawing, guessing, and achieving victory! Gartic revolves around the concept.
A game that is completely online and does not require any payment. Each round, a player is selected to illustrate something for the other players to deduce.

Once the target number of points is reached, the first player will be declared the winner.
Gartic offers players the ability to design their own game room to play with friends. Additionally, players can select from a choice of six themes to draw.

Instructions for Playing

During the other player's turn, attempt to deduce the subject of the artwork. Utilize the answer box to submit your conjecture. Additionally, the chat box can be utilized for recreational purposes, engaging in conversations with fellow users.
When it is your turn to draw, utilize the tools to produce the best possible drawing.

Concise suggestions:

While drawing, you have the option to provide tips to the players in order to assist them in finding the word. However, it is important to note that the more hints you provide, the fewer points you will earn for each successful find. Best of luck!
Attempt to locate the phrase as quickly as possible in order to accumulate a higher number of points.
Strive to sketch rapidly and minimize the allocation of time towards intricate elements. The primary objective is to assist the players in locating the word.
Avoid incorporating any written content into your artwork. You can be eliminated by the other players and forfeit all of the points earned on the subsequent turn.