Played:13 is a fast-paced multiplayer soccer game that demands that you win with the help of a teammate. Collaborate with the other members of your squad to not only achieve goals but also protect against opposing attacks. The performers prominently display their complete list of tasks, with large letters suspended above their heads. You can control your movement while dribbling by using the keyboard buttons, and you can kick the ball by pressing down on the mouse. Maintaining unwavering concentration during the game is vital if you aspire to claim the coveted winner's trophy. The game's gameplay unfolds with remarkable speed and intensity. Experience the thrill of watching captivating football matches in the World Cup series.

Instructions for Gameplay

  • Use the WASD keys to control movement.
  • To start running, use the right mouse button, and to perform a kick, use the left mouse button.
  • A sliding motion is equivalent to space.
  • E stands for "Contact your friend.".