Experience, a cutting-edge addition to the realm of free io games. Pilot your extraterrestrial spacecraft to gather artifacts and annihilate a celestial body ahead of competing players.

Instructions for Playing

The objective of the game is to devour pedestrians, vehicles, trees, and various objects in order to increase dominance and eventually conquer larger entities like shopping malls and housing complexes. Given the advanced nature of the UFO, humans pose no challenge. The only competition comes from other players. The objective is to consume as many opponents as possible until they are eliminated. The player who becomes the most dominant destroyer within the 2-minute round emerges as the winner.

To maneuver your spaceship, manipulate its position using your cursor and endeavor to align it with little items in order to draw them in and ascend gradually. Engulf the smaller vessels to evade the larger ones. Ascend to the position of the ultimate kidnapper in order to serve as a reminder to all insignificant Earthlings of their true capabilities and limitations.