Played:64 is a multiplayer fishing game in which characters from appear. Capture fish for the purpose of selling them at a market. Establish an account in order to level up, complete objectives, and save your progress.

Instructions for catching fish

Fish alongside your fellow participants along the boardwalk in pursuit of fresh fish such as perch and crappies. Simply extend the line to the desired depth and watch as the fish notice the lure.

A successful capture necessitates tapping and holding the hook in the green zone. After a period of difficulty, you refill the bar and sell the fish to the fishing shop as your own. We append each captured fish to the wiki, which offers a comprehensive list of the fish species.

Strengthen your tools.

By purchasing and selling fish in Fishington, you gain experience and money. Once you have reached the required level and accumulated sufficient funds, you can purchase fishing equipment from the shop, such as baskets and rods.


You should market a variety of fish species that you have captured.
Level up, complete objectives, and upgrade your fishing equipment!
Participating in player leaderboards enables you to rival other anglers.
A real-time multiplayer iOS game allows players to participate with their peers.