In the online combat game called, you will have to collect orbs and engage in battles with other players to advance your warrior. Your weapon's range will increase with each evolution, but your movement speed will decrease. How many people will you kill before giving up?

Guide play

Navigate around the virtual battlefield and collect orbs to evolve your warriors into more powerful versions. Swords, axes and other weapons can be used to defeat your enemies. Hold your position in battle until your opponent defeats you.


When you are low-level, you should focus on collecting orbs found around the outside of the map.
As you get older, your weapon's range increases, but you also become slower. Therefore, it is important to remember to always be cautious and alert!
Take full advantage of the fact that you are smaller and can move faster. When you are low-level, you should play more evasively and use this to your advantage.


  • The game is intense and involves slicing to destroy opponents.
  • The more levels you gain, the bigger your character will become and the more character models you can evolve into.
  • Determine your own playing style and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.
  • Your sprinting ability comes at the cost of your experience points.