Participate in the escape adventure alongside the miners in the game You assume the role of a captive miner. Kindly collaborate with fellow miners to devise an exit strategy.

Instructions for playing the game

This game takes place in the industrial setting of a mineral mining workplace. They are required to work in subterranean tunnels. However, an unforeseen event occurred, resulting in the destruction of their route to the surface. Currently, their sole means of escape is by utilizing their jumping prowess.

To participate, utilize the arrow keys to manipulate the movements of your miner.

Strategies for surmounting obstacles in

In this game, the objective is to manipulate your character's movements in order to make them jump. Mining personnel have the ability to travel in both forward and backward directions and can change their direction of movement. The exit is located at the highest point. Merely relying on your jumping prowess will not suffice to surmount the obstacle. That is entirely impracticable. In order to reach the exit, it is necessary to collaborate with other players. You have the opportunity to collaborate with them in constructing a tower that will provide others with the opportunity to ascend.

The player who reaches the exit first is the one who successfully completes the level. Therefore, do not hesitate to provide encouragement to fellow players.