Played:86 is an endearing IO game in which you assume the role of a nurturing duck responsible for rescuing misplaced ducklings from the pond. Your objective is to retrieve as many misplaced ducklings as possible and transport them securely to your nest while swimming.

However, there is a caveat: you are not the sole attentive parent duck in the pond. Other ducks may attempt to steal your ducklings from you in order to gain prestige and improve your nest for rescuing them.

Instructions for Playing Ducklings.

Rescue Ducklings

Navigate through the lake and save young ducks by positioning yourself close to them while floating. Return the ducklings to their nest. Rescue an unlimited number of ducklings on each trip.

Once you reach the target number of ducklings, you will enhance your nest. Continue to follow the procedure for protecting ducklings until your nest transforms into an impregnable duck stronghold.

Stay away from potential hazards!

On, players are present. Other ducks also vie to protect the ducklings, and they will not hesitate to confiscate all of your diligently acquired ducklings. Beware of cunning waterfowl, and make sure you avoid collisions with a vessel. If a boat strikes you, the result is immediate defeat.