Played:19 is a captivating io game where players engage in aerial combat using helicopters. The same creator also developed Yohoho, an equally game that revolves around pirate battles. Enjoy yourselves!

Eliminate hostile helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and armored vehicles in order to advance to higher levels. To surpass your adversaries in strength, enhance your talents. Enhance the capabilities of your helicopter by equipping it with snipers, multiple cannons, rapid-firing weapons, grenades, and various other upgrades. Exert your superiority over your adversaries in order to become the arena's ruler!

Characteristics Full-screen mode is available.

They possess various extraordinary capabilities such as grenades, bullet eradication, teleportation, airstrikes, banana bombs, and laser beams.
Modifying the controls is possible via the menu.
There are three tiers of graphical quality.
Enroll to preserve your advancement.

Regulation mechanisms

Use the WASD keys to move. You may also use the mouse or arrow keys to move. To shoot, you can either use the mouse button or the up arrow key.
Either the right mouse button or the key E, or the middle mouse button or the key X, can activate special abilities.