At, you control a large truck on a farm that gathers grains. Operate your combine and traverse the fields to efficiently collect the maximum amount of grain. Exercise caution and exert maximum effort to prevent collisions with other vehicles, walls, or other automobile components. incorporates well-established multiplayer concepts from renowned io games, such as a top-down viewpoint, rapid respawn, mouse navigation, and straightforward keyboard controls. This online game is notable for its unusual subject matter, exceptional visuals and animations, and the additional objective of collecting crops. As you gather additional wheat, more trailers will become attached to your combo, increasing the challenge for other players to avoid crashing into you. They will perish immediately and forfeit all of their advancement as a result. If you survive long enough, you will eventually abandon a significant number of automobiles, and the percentage of wheat you collect will approach 100!

Instructions for playing

Utilize the mouse and function keys.