Build Royale io

In the game Build Royale io, you build defenses and fight other players in a 2D world that you see from above. Look around on the map to find different tools and weapons that will help you defeat your enemies.

Tips on how to play

Build Royale lets you stay alive in a tough fight. In a multiplayer royale Build game, you must build walls to protect yourself and use the tools you've collected to beat all of your opponents.
You are in a big gun fight with other people. Being the last person standing is the only goal. At first, all you have is a pickax, which you can use to mine for items. and would then be used to build walls to protect people.
You have to think and move quickly in the Royale Build if you want to win. On the playground, a storm is ending, and the size of it keeps going down. To protect yourself, you will need to find stronger tools.
You can kill anyone you see with the tool of your choice. Get through other players' defenses and drop them to the top of the Build Royale ranks. Don't worry about the fact that you've never played in an iOS movie before. Since IO is a simple game, it doesn't take long to get good at it.


E/F: Place tools and chests on the ground.
Pressing the left button will shoot your weapon.
Right move: Use the scope to see enemies farther away.
Check the "Build" box to make walls.
Space: Get past walls and other things in your way.
Change: SprintR: Load your gun again.
Tab: See your inventory and keep track of it.
M: Look at the map and make plans for the zone coming in.