Played:46 is an entertaining puzzle platformer that seamlessly blends physics and puzzle elements. To reach the highest level, master the geometric pieces.

How to Play

Bombhopper, you will detonate yourself using your grenade launcher. Utilizing the mouse, determine the optimal arc for your explosive and then detonate it in order to cross the finish line. At times, you will be required to ascend, descend, turn around, and even traverse barriers. Simply avoid accidentally igniting yourself off the platform, and ensure that you cross the finish line before depleting your ammunition. While reloading the game is not possible, it is possible to bypass a level by watching an advertisement that appears between each level. Although this is a justifiable compromise, the immense enjoyment and addictive nature of the game will prevent you from making this choice. The game allows players to move around by detonating explosives. The objective is to forcefully approach the entrance using the explosions of your explosives. is an intellectually stimulating puzzle game that combines imaginative gameplay based on an entertaining explosion mechanic with stimulating puzzles. Consistently introducing new levels ensures that you will never become bored!


Utilize the left mouse button to aim and discharge.
To resume, press R.