BattleTabs Io

BattleTabs Io is a competitive multiplayer game that requires players to destroy all of their opponents' naval ships using strategic tactics.

Try to locate them by launching cannonballs into their arena, you acquire new ships with unique abilities and build your personal army to engage in combat with the aliens.

BattleTabs is a compact PVP strategy game that combines strategic thinking with chance. It offers a light-hearted competitive experience, with turn-based multiplayer gameplay where players build their fleets and engage in battles against each other.

BattleTabs is inspired by the simple mechanics of traditional board games like Battleships as well as the complex gameplay of modern collectible card games like Hearthstone. It provides a user-friendly experience that is both accessible and engaging. The game features unique ship abilities and deck building mechanics that allow players to build their own fleet for battle.

BattleTabs is a competitive game with a vibrant and friendly community of players, organizing tournaments and sharing replays and live streams. The BattleTabs community plays a vital role in the entire experience, actively participating in voting for new ships, suggesting ideas, conducting testing of new features, and supporting new players. This aspect of the project is important and will receive continued attention. Play today!